EAP IDEA 3.0 Overview

Dear Fellow IntelliJ Fanatics and Community Supporters! J

I would like to introduce to all of you a little something we have been
working on . the IDEA 3.0 Overview. I am releasing a EAP version of it. for
your reading pleasure (I hope). Be warned! It isn't yet complete; however,
it is nearing completion and this is why I am releasing it now. I would
like to kindly ask those of you who do read it to send me feedback in any
form you see fit: corrections to the text, technical corrections about Java
(I've yet to bother the developers for them to check my often erratic bold
statements about Java), or even suggestions on what you would like to see
covered in the final version of the overview.

Please keep in mind, this overview is not meant (as noted in the intro) to
be a purely technical document, nor is it supposed to be an "aren't we so
great" marketing document. it lies probably somewhere in the middle. Just
think of it this way. if you knew nothing about IDEA, would this booklet
entice you to try IDEA? Or, for those of you wanting to convince your boss
to switch to IDEA, would this tickle him in the right places to listen to
your request?

Those of you who provide constructive feedback (to be determined by me,
Mhaaaaaaa) will get your names listed in the "acknowledgement" section of
the final version (both in electronic form, and if we do it, in the printed
as well!). This isn't a con, I just want to sincerely give credit where
credit is due to the community members who have been an instrumental part in
helping IntelliJ IDEA become what it is today.

Also, please post your feedback in the jetbrains.intellij.documentation
forum.. I'll be reading and sometimes replying to your post to get more
clarification when needed. You can download this overview from the EAP
section of www.intellij.net | EAP | Newest Build



JetBrains, Inc
"Develop with pleasure!"

Note Bene! Please excuse the quality of the screenshots.... Adobe's Acrobat
Writer did a hachet job to them... they aren't so bad in the original .doc
files (honestly!).


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