Font Rendering Question / Bug?

I am not sure if what I am dealing with is my own inability to find the correct configuration option, or this is an actual bug.

I purchased the PragmataPro font for development purposes.  I purchased the regular version of the font along with the Bold version.  I did this so that when the font was in bold it would still be monospaced with the standard weight font. PhpStorm seems to be ignoring the fact that a PragmataPro Bold font is installed on the system and is "bolding" the font itself. This means that its spacing is not consistent with the regular font.

I am evaluating PhpStorm on Ubuntu 12.10 and Mint 14.  I have tried both OS's in VirtualBox vm's and on physical hardware with an nVidia video card.  In the case of the vm's I did not change video drivers but on the physical machines I did try several version of the proprietary driver.  All of these combinations resulted in the same behavior.

If anyone has any insight please reply.


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I've not personally had much luck with PhpStorm on Ubuntu, regardless of font.  The problem is the font rendering in the editor itself, which I remember reading at one point was becuase it uses the Swing toolkit or something?  Regardless, you aren't the only one that's noticed it.  There are a few places (like with some suggestions and ideas; the best luck I've ever had at making it better is to use font forge and remove the hinting and such on the fonts and then export them.  The answer is on that page (

Hope it helps you.  It still probably won't work perfect, but it might get you closer.

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Thanks for the reply.  Points me in a direction I suppose. My only issue is that I spent $70 on a programming font that the author spent a lot of time hand hinting every character of the 1800 characters for full Unicode suppport (The best powerline font I have ever seen or used btw). PragmataPro at Removing the hinting to make it look ok in PhpStorm seems a bit wasteful. It's a bit irritating that the best platform for developing PHP on and the most popular distribution of that platform is one that doesn't work with most IMO the best IDE.

P.S. I bought the authors "Sys" font as well and replaced all teh fornst on my system with it.  It looks incredible.


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