View all/many JSLint error descriptions at once in a window?

I know I can mouse over the little colored tabs on my scrollbar and mouse and click at the individual lines to find good, detailed descriptions of each JSLint error (and others), but is there a way to pop open a sidebar to see lines and descriptions for each all at once?  I was hoping I could coerce the event log to do it, but I don't think that works.

I'm attaching the detailed error I know how to access in WebStorm now as well as a picture of JSLint output from a Sublime Text plugin, which is close to what I'd like to get in WebStorm, if it's possible (though maybe a little more context aware than a text-dump, which is all that plugin is doing).



Code | Run Inspection by Name... -> jslint (or whatever other inspection you want to run)

Alternatively: "Code | Inspect Code..." to run ALL active inspections in your Inspection profile.


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