Supporting Parsing and Lexing Languages planned?

I've become a fan of Jison, ported it to php, and am now porting it to C#.  It is an awesome language (Yacc + Lex) and provides developers with very strong capabilities in creating strongly types simantic languages that are cross platform compatible.  Is there any interest in supporting these languages for PhpStorm in the same way languages like javascript are supported (variable detection, syntax highlighting, etc)?  The syntax is very very simple, and I'd love to see these languages be adopted by more and more developers as they allow you to create data transformation services very quickly that are basically bug free and very strongly typed, even in dynamic languages.

Pretty pretty please my beloved JetBrains developer team? PhpStorm is literally the best IDE out there (even better than Visual Studio 2012).  It'd be absolutely awesome if you guys adopted this new way of coding!

Here is a jison file to get familiar with the syntax (This is a formula language for jQuery.sheet - the ajax spreadsheet):
Yacc and Lex (the languages that Jison is based) are actually somewhat old (Yacc 1970) but much like many of the languages written then, like SQL, they have not changed much and are increadibly useful.


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Please submit feature request at If we hear enough demand we could invest some resources to it.



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