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Hi all,

I am trying out PhpStorm now and hopefully someone can help me with a question, please.

In general, I was curious if PhpStorm has the ability to mimic certain behavior of Dreamweaver's CSS Panel, which is typically found on the right side of its GUI. (see image below)

I figured out how to reposition the Applied Styles window along the right side of the interface in PhpStorm, however it's not letting me interact with it -  am I doing something wrong?

For example, I can't seem to be able to click inside the Applied Styles window and actually edit values/properties, is it read-only?  I've been using Dreamweaver for years now, but believe me I'm happy to get away from it :)
In Dreamweaver, you could double-click on something in the styles panel, anywhere, on any value etc. and make changes in the panel and that was super handy; without having to change tabs to the other file.  

Now, in PhpStorm it seems the only way to edit CSS properties is to actually switch the entire view to the tab of the .css file and do the manual edits there.  I don't prefer having to switch my document tabs back and forth to edit CSS and back to HTML page - any idea how I can modify this at all?

Is there any way to setup PhpStorm in the manner I am asking and be able to edit styles directly in the Applies Styles window?
Also, have the Applied Styles window auto-update as I click around the HTML code above, so I don't have to keep right clicking on tags/code and selecting Applied Styles each time.

Thank you for any help!


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There is no way to edit css directly in CSS styles tool window - you have to click 'navigate to style sources' in source preview and edit css there.
You are welcome to log a feature request for adding smth similar to Dreamweaver's CSS Panel to WebStorm to out bug tracker, http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/WEB#

Best regards,

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Thanks for your feedback.  Hopefully this feature will be implemented in a future version. :)



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