How to set up a php project in PHPStorm (remote-Server, maybe GIT)


the question seems to be very easy - but for me it is not very easy.

When I want to use GITHUB, then all Directorys have to be under Projektdirektory.

I have this Directory Struktur in my project (and my server):


I have marked th htdocs as Recource-Root. So links like <img src='/picInhtcods'> will work.

My Serversettings:


But know I have a problem:

When I press ALT-F2 (see that page in Chrom-Browser), PHPStorm tryes to call the URL - But that is wrong it should be

Before I tryed to use GitHub, My Setting was like this:


I had different directorys - it worked fine (the .idea was in the htdocs). But it will not work with github...

So how to set up a php - project in phpstorm?


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You cannot set it up to have Open in Browser (Alt+F2) to work with current setup:


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