Code Analysis Failed

Hey all, I'm getting an NPE on code analysis for my project for some reason.  It happens when committing with "Perform code analysis" checked.  I tried invalidating caches and restarting but it's still happening. It may also explain some other weird errors I've seen today with parsing in my project.  For example, in one of my code files I got a ton of yellow underlines saying "Field is not defined in class \Blah\Blah2" when there was a line right above it that said /** @var \Not\Blah $var */, so it shouldn't have been looking there anyway.  Strange.

Also, if it helps, this error was happening in the last couple EAP releases before 6.0 went live, but it seemed to have been fixed intermittently and started happening again.  Hope this helps :)


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Hi Deric!
Could you please file a new ticket to our tracker and attach to it a zip of Help | Show Log?


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