RFE: option to ignore "broken links"

I'd like an option to ignore "broken" includes in JSP files. In our
environment, we have a number of "common" JSP's used across a number of
applications, and these are only copied into the appropriate places at build
time, directly before they are placed in the WAR file. While I don't expect
a way to tell IDEA how to find them given your strange insistence on
build-time structure at development-time, at least I'd like the ability to
turn this feature off, since for me it simply obsures any actual errors that
may be present.

--- and on a more general note...

IntelliJ devels, much as I respect you, please don't lecture me again about
your rationale for the WAR-structure requirement. I'm not interested in
your Tomcat integration efforts, since our project architecture and
extensive use of XDoclet make such features very difficult to use for me,
and not really worth it. I feel that it's unreasonable to require me to
structure my files to accommodate a feature that I don't want to use. So
please, please, try not to assume that JSP's will be in the same directory
structure as they will be in the WAR for any feature unless such an
assumption is absolutely essential. And as for those features where it is
essential, please leave an option to disable them so that they don't get in
the way of people like me.

Walter Mundt


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