Add folder in tabs titles (for files like index.html)

In web projects there very often "unpersonalized" files like index.js/index.html and more custom variants (like schema.js). It would be good to see not only filename in the tab title but also folder that contains it. In most cases this would be enogth to visually identify where file opened in editor comes from. It maybe configurable option (not hardwired for a certain filenames).


Settings | Editor | Editor Tabs | Show directory in editor tabs for non-unique filenames

Alternatively: more flexible Tabdir plugin -- Settings | Plugins


I wanted to revisit this. It is apparently a common practice to name components



It would be preferable to be able to choose to display that directory as part of the IDE (for me I want this in PyCharm PE, but it seems even more important on WebStorm.

The Tabdir plugin is no longer supported. Is there a need from anyone else to improve tab titles in developing react projects?


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