Using TypeScript for 'big/real' project at this moment?


I've previously done a big TypeScript project in Visual Studio when it was just released, and really liked it.
After that, I moved over to doing some 'normal' JavaScript projects, and switched to PHPStorm, which I really love!

At the moment I have to start a new project, and because WebStorm now has TypeScript support, I'm looking into that.
I started with importing the previous TypeScript project in PHPStorm, and immediately got a lot of red ribbons.

When looking around in the forums I noticed that the Typescript support in WebStorm is not fully functional yet:
- issues resolving paths for module imports and references
- lookups done from DHTML/HTML5 javascript declarations instead of lib.d.ts
- missing autocompletion of interface functions like JQueryStatic
- other smaller stuff, or issues I've not yet ran in to

From how it looks at the moment, I cannot use WebStorm for a real TypeScript project.
Some  tickets are set to fix-version 6.0.x, but others are set to 7.x, so to  me it looks like it might take some time before all issues are resolved  and TypeScript support is fully functional.

Maybe someone else has other opinions or knows workarounds/fixes, or maybe someone knows when we can use it for real projects?
Are  people using using TS support in WS only for small test stuff, or for  real projects? And how are they cooping with the issues stated above?

Don't  get me wrong, I really love WebStorm, and that is has included support  for TypeScript. I just want to know if I'm wrong or right about the  current state it is in :)


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