Multiple output paths.

Hi all,

I'm evaluating Ariadna - build 629, and I find it a very impressive tool!
....but I have the following problem:

I have a J2EE project which contains an EJB sub-project and a Web
sub-project. I want to compile my EJB files directly in the directory where
the EJB classes are deployed:
and my Web files directly in the directory where the Web classes are

To achieve this, I created 2 source paths and I chose Output type = Multiple
output paths in Project Properties. One source path contains my EJB files
and has Output path = %application_home%\ejb-module\, the other contains my
Web files and has Output path =

My problem is, Ariadna compiles the source files not in the directories I
mentioned above, but in
%ariadna_installation_home%\system\output\498d6120 ! Then I have to manually
copy the files in my two output directories.

I mention that I have enabled Web application support and EJB integration in
Project Properties.

What could cause my problem and how can I avoid it?

Radu Zaharia


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