TLD with Ariadna

Hi !.
I have a problem with using TLD support in Ariadna (build 621).

I have a following file structure

/jsp <!-- contains all jsp -->
/WEB-INF/classes <!-- contains all necessary clases for my application -->
/WEB-INF/jsp/mytaglib.tld <!-- description of my tag library-->

I've added this dir to the Web path of Ariadna.
Then I tried to use tag-libs in my jsp:
<%@taglib uri=http://mydomain/mytaglib prefix="mytaglib"%>
Ariadna provided me with the error message "Cannot resolve tag library".

I am sure that all tag-lib related links between JSP <> web.xml <> mytaglib.tld are good, because
i checked this application on the tomcat....everything is going right.

Of course, i do not think that it is a bug, rather i missed something, but what ?
Unfortunately, we do not have help documentation still, so i need your help.
Could anybody help me ?

Vlad Kamensky,
@Business SPb.


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