Edit file without project.

Is there away to change phpstorm away from requiring a project. While the concept is great and is awesome for large projects, using phpstorm as a code editor to create and and edit a single file is very tedious.  

Let me ellaborate, I work for a development firm. At times different developers create different sites. Now, if say the client has me edit something very very simple. (me, not the orginal author) normally I would open my text editor and change it, save and be on my day. With PHPstorm, I first have to select or create a project for this single file.

Its very very annoying.. I love phpstorm, but i dont find myself using it unless im working on an actual large project. Its horrible for the edit and go scenario.

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Hi Ray.

I see your point, but PhpStorm is an IDE, not the text editor, and we have no plans to change the focus. If you need to make a small change you can indeed use an external text editor. If you need a completion or code hinting while making this change, this features cannot be really provided without analysing all the related files as a whole, which means... the project is needed.



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