Dont stop in the breakpoint

Hi everyone I have intall de debug in PHPStorm this work fine, but now in my proyect I put a breakPoint and the phpStor don't stop

If I use the opcion

break at the first line , phpStorm stop in the fist line, but no where I have my breakPoint

I am sure that the code pass for this line , I put print_r or whatever and ejecute de line.

any idea

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Hi there,

What is your PhpStorm and xdebug versions ?

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my phpStorm is 3.0.3 but the problem is that in other proyects work and two days ago work in this project, but now no.

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If you have not changed anything but it is somehow broken in specific project, then I may only suggest 2 things:

  1. Try "File | Invalidate caches..."  -- there is a chance that it will help (although not big)
  2. Delete (or backup and delete) this project settings (.idea subfolder), then "File | Open Directory" to open project folder again .. and reconfigure it from scratch (if working, some settings can be restored from backup)
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Hi everyone, I have the same problem in other proyect,

But now I update the phpStorm so I have the last version PHPStorm 6.0,
I update because in my last version the debug don´t work to (no stop in the break point)

In this case I Invalited the cache fisrt, and don´t work.

Second I errase my .idea folder for my proyect and open again from File/OPen directory... but dont work to

I do the same in my last version of phpStorm but don´t work.

Any idea


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