PhpStorm 6, can't get auto-import to work


I am pretty new to PhpStorm so I am not sure I have everything correctly configured for my project (probably not) but I am trying to get PhpStorm to auto-import my classes.

I have so far done the following:

Enabled "auto-import in file scope"
Added content root to the project root (Directories section).
Defined Content Roots for the paths I want to imports to be relative to, e.g. <root>/Static/Classes (Directories section).
Added the Content roots to the include path (PHP section)

With this configuration I would expect a class in for example <root>/Static/Classes/util/IOUtil.php to be imported when I auto-complete it (ctrl+space). I.e. "use \util\IOUtil.php;". No such luck! I am guessing something is wrong with my configuration as I don't see the path in the auto-complete window, only the class name.

Any thoughts on what might be wrong?

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