window size not rememberd problem

in early versions,when i drag the main window to the proper size i wish, i create a new project, do some edit, restart it, the window size is just the size that i set.

but in phpstorm6, the window size could not remember, when i create a new project, the size will be very large, almost full screen, adjust the window size on each project creating make me feel bad, can you tell me how to set the permanent window size.

thx a lot.


I have the same problem. Switching between my multiple projects is always accompanied with fiddling with window sizes. I really want my editor to return to the last  layout on which it was displayed. 


Corinna, each project remembers its own window sizes, so when you reopen a project, it opens in the same size it's been before, doesn't it?

Do you mean that you expect the window to keep its size not depending on a project?


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