saving changes when closing a tab

When I make some changes to a file in the editor and than close the tab - the changes are saved to the file without prompting whether to save the changes or not.
Is it possible to ask for a prompt whether to save the file or disregard the changes?


Hi there,


If you use this IDE for a while, you will get used to this (which means you may change some of your habits a bit) .. and quite likely will be happy to have such feature in long run.


Thanks for your fast reply.
I think it is an important feature, because sometime you might  "accidently" make some changes to a file and it is auto-saved...

Beautiful IDE by the way...


Well .. you can always revert it back in such cases (unless it completely crashed or wiped): right click on file | Local History

BTW -- you can enable "Settings | Editor | Editor Tabs | Show modified tabs with asterisk" option to have better feedback on file save status (if file is actually modified).


This is one of my favorite features over other IDEs to have my files autosaved whenever I switch to the browser   Disabling it for the cases when you sometimes enter something accidentaly would be overkill for me. But the first thing I do after installing PhpStorm is setting it to show asterisk (*) on changed tabs before it is saved. Thanks to that I can always see if file is already saved (e.g. when switching to command line with ctrl+shift+x where files are not autosaved) or I entered something I didn't want. Hope that helps.


If many people are asking for it (and they are). You should let people decide if they want this or not. At least make it an option that users can toggle..


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