PhpStorm 6 - Could not list the contents of folder...


I know this is probably a bug and belongs in the bug tracker, but as the bug tracker seems to be updating right now and not accessible, and i can't work with this issue i'll go along and post it here in the forum.

I just downloaded PhpStorm 6 today, and tried to connect to one of my stored Remote Hosts from before. It worked without a problem before i updated, but now i'm getting the error message "Could not list the contents of folder "ftp://[IP]/"
I tried some more servers, all of which worked before the update, and i get the same error message. I checked if something effed up the connection info, but all of that is correct and works in Filezilla and WinSCP.

Can anyone help me, or do i need to downgrade again?

I'm attaching a log file

Update: I just checked with a friend who updated his PhpStorm too, he has the same problem.

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Looks much like If you use firewall, please ensure PhpStorm has permissions. If it has, try to use netsh advfirewall set global StatefulFtp disable or other fixes from

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Hello Elena

Thank you! The netsh command fixed this for me.

Best Regards


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