coffeescript --output not working correctly?


I use coffescript and I will compile my coffee's file into another directory with File Watcher.I was thinking to do like this :

I create a new File Watcher CoffeeScript :
Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 10.34.18 PM.png
it's no working. :(

But if I do :
Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 10.33.55 PM.png
it's Work! :)

In the documentation : "In the Output Paths text box, specify the files to store the results of running the File Watcher: the resulting source code, source maps, and dependencies. The location is specified relative to the working directory."

I don't understand why Output Paths text box doesn't work for the first screen. Could you help me please? ?:|




Thank you for your feedback!

Actually 'Output Paths' option is used to notify the IDE about external changes of output files. It's impossible to understands this from the command line argumets(they are different for different compilers). So you have to manually tell the IDE where to find output files. Will fix the documentation :-)


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