configure to run/debug CakePHP project where source is outside of htdocs

I have tried and tried to debug CakePHP through PHPStorm using the IDE and it fails every time.

Does anyone know of a post or document which show step by step how to configure PHPStorm so that it will run my CakePHP / Any PHP project located outside of htdocs.

A problem is that instead of debugging a project it seems you have to setup run debug sessions for each file.

Editing, switching to browser is ridiculous

I need to be able to develop in the same environment I deploy to so the built in server is not an option.

Again, my source is located @ /Desktop/Sourcecode and Apache is located /Applications/Mampstack/Apache2/htdocs
* I need to map the source located to get run through the php processor without publishing my source to the location of htdocs - Dreamweaver used to do this exact thing.

Docs or Blog or ?

Help - thanks in advance

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