Does WebStorm have the ability to hide / exclude specific files?

Visual Studio has a really nice feature for excluding specific files. You can simply right click on any file in the Project structure and click "Exclude From Project". Alternatively, you can right click on a hidden file and click "Include In Project". There is also a button on top that toggles the visibility of "included" and "excluded" files.

Does WebStorm have a way of handling this?


Hi John,

In the way you have described -- No.

It can exclude any whole folder (via right click in Project View or via "Settings | Directories"). Once excluded from project it excluded completely -- there is no way to show "hidden" files/folders. To add it back you have to go to "Settings | Directories" and remove exclusion.

You cannot exclude single file from specific project. You can add it's name to a list of ignored files and any file/folder with such name will be excluded from ALL projects (Settings | File Types --> input box on the bottom). You can also mark file as Plain Text (via right click in Project View) to avoid real indexing (no analyzing/syntax highlighting/no participation in code completion etc).

On another hand: IDE has such feature called Scopes (Settings | Scopes) -- customizable list of files/folders. You can use them to narrow your working/affected area (e.g. show only that scope in Project View; limit search/refactoring scope; turn on/off/customize behaviour of Inspections for specific scope etc)


I see no "File Types" menu in Webstorm's settings. Where can I find the list of excluded files?


Ok I found it in Settings -> Editor -> File Types


since 2017.2 you can exclude files by pattern - see, Exclude files

To have a possibility to exclude a file via right-click menu, please, vote for


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