sourcemap and no javascript ?

The new EAP 6 say sourcemap is compatible with DART, typeScript and  Coffescript . what about javascript ?


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Well, it is. What is your usecase?

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In the past i always read that javascript debug is a nighmare and never goes to javascript because i don't want to add  code in the source to read the values of variables .
I think with sourcemap  inspect variable , go to line error  must be easier  ?
I wanted to test sourcemap with last version  of phpstorm and a  short javascript  code to understand how it work so i ask question before spend some time on debug .
I don't want to deal with problem version so search a tutorial that explicit speak about javascript  and no pre processor  language , pre compiler .
I focus on find detect  errors/bug  ( line number and file name )  easely when i use javascript  with js  framework .
since specification of css and html is not the same beetween broswer  , i think there must be many difference beetween, all ther javascript engine implementation in broswers , i don't know if  debug can  support many broswer ( embedding javascript runtime )  or this question is a non sense ?

Thank's for any help .

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Source maps is a way to map scrambled javascript to nice pretty-printed original source (JS, TypeScript, CoffeeScript etc). I would suggest you to look at our video to get a grip what's going on there. Blog post is coming shortly in our blog.



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