Debugging code with dojo.require in WebStorm

I am trying to remotely debug a web application with WebStorm 6. The application uses dojo.require to load scripts. All scripts are loaded by the browser and my application runs fine.

However, I can only place breakpoints in the main Javascript file that contains all the dojo.require statements. The scripts that are loaded dynamically by dojo.require do not show up in the 'Scripts' window and breakpoints in those files are - understandably - ignored. The 'Scripts' window only shows my main file and some dojo scripts (bootstrap, base, dojo).

How can I teach WebStorm to see the dynamically loaded Javascript as real scripts so that breakpoints in them will trigger?


Do you debug in Chrome or in Firefox? If you use firefox, please try Chrome.


I have tried both Chrome and Firefox with the same results.


I am having the same problem using Dojo 1.8.3 with a mixture of AMD and non-AMD modules. This used to work in WebStorm 5 but has stopped working after upgrade to WebStorm 6 with the same debug configuration.

The debugger in WebStorm connects to the Chrome extension and I get some log messages, but it never breaks on any of my breakpoints.

On the Scripts tab my sources modules appear, but prefixed with null://.

Specifying a local path to those sources does not help.

Incidentally I've never managed to get remove debugging working with Firefox in either WS5 or WS6.


I followed a remote debugging tutorial ( ) and found that remote debugging works just fine on my computer. The problems I have with the project I actually want to debug have to do with the way the dojo framework loads scripts.

Before 1.6 there used to be a configuration settting called "debugAtAllCosts". This would cause dojo to load scripts by insert "script" tags. This would probably make WebStorm recognize the dynamically loaded scripts. Unfortunately this setting was removed. I think I have to rewrite the old dojo.require (CommonJS style) to the new 'require' (AMD style).

Though, I still hope there is someone out there who can help me debug the project as it is.


Hi guys,

This is an old post but I've exactly the same problem, I'd like to improve my debug setup and I'm woking with Dojo 1.10.

Any tips ?


Debugging dynamically loaded .js files is not currently supportred, please follow for updates


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