Can someone confirm Phpstorm contains 100% of the Webstorm features as advertised on the page?

Been reading around and wondering why would anyone buy Webstorm stand along unless you're a complete frontend developer right?  The site says it contains 100% features of webstorm, which doesn't make sense to me.  There has to be a catch, if there isn't one I guess I'll go ahead and buy Phpstorm for the same price.

So maybe any previous Phpstorm users can give me a bit of insight of Phpstorm vs Webstorm (based on features from webstorm in Phpstorm)


Well ... I can only confirm what PhpStorm product page says:

Note: PhpStorm includes all the functionality of WebStorm (HTML/CSS Editor, JavaScript Editor) and adds full-fledged support for PHP.

... plus the Database support, I have to add.


Any functionality that is available in WebStorm but you cannot find in PhpStorm can still be installed later by downloading corresponding plugin manually (some plugins are bundled with WebStorm only, but still available for PhpStorm for manual installation, for example node.js, dart etc).

The easiest way to compare them is to perform such comparison yourself: download them both and compare one to another in real tests (better do it in separate virtual machines (or real + virtual) .. as current stable versions do share the same config folders, which prevents them both from running at the same time).

The version 6 will be release pretty soon -- who knows, maybe it will bring some permanent difference between these two products, although very unlikely.


How soon is soon for v6?  Also would you need to purchase 6 if you paid for 5?  Or does the free 1yr work w/ new versions?

How soon is soon for v6?

Don't know -- a week or two. Public preview build is already out for few days:

Also would you need to purchase 6 if you paid for 5?  Or does the free 1yr work w/ new versions?

No. Yes: :

WebStorm license is permanent and includes one year of free product upgrades  since the purchase date, including even major version upgrades.

This has been said before (many times) but I'll say one more time: EVEYRTHING WebStorm has PHPStorm has or it can be installed (for free) via a plug in. Everything. Even any special color schemes you've setup can be easily transferred to PHPStorm (although since PHPStorm has - well PHP - so you might have to do some adjustments to your scheme).

As for who would buy WebStorm and not PHPStorm - well anyone working on HTML/JS/CSS (etc) and not PHP.


As a fully paid-up user of PhpStorm I can also confirm that it contains all the features of WebStorm. As others have said, some plugins come pre-installed in WebStorm, whereas in PhpStorm you have to go into the Settings menu to install them, but it's very quick and easy (and free).


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