Is there a book / manual for phpStorm ?

I bought phpStorm recently and to be honest I don't see much difference from Komodo and or Netbeans IDE's, however I know (or suppose) that phpStorm has many hidden tools and feats that make it better, but for the average user, the documentation is overwhelming, it is really hard to find the specific tool/action I've been looking for such as disabling syntax correction (too obtrusive for simple projects). Anyway, I just want to know if there's a book or a manual that I can print to get the most out of phpStorm.

Thanks in advance

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if your disabling syntax correction means turning off the code checker that tells you where the errors in your code are, then it probably would feel alot like any of the other editors.

its the code checker that does it for me.  Love it.  Tells me when variables are defined but not used, or used but not defined.

Check out the PRODUCTIVITY GUIDE under HELP->PRODUCTIVITY GUIDE  to see all the features that you haven't used yet.


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