Filter in tools -> Deployment -> Options (Exclude items by name) not working ?


Today all of the sudden the 'filter' I set in Tools -> Deployment -> Options is not working anymore.

It shows folders to ignore. By default these are .svn;cvs;.idea;.DS_STORE;.git; and so on.

I'm working with a CMS that should ignore certain folders when I sync the files with my development webserver. The CMS, TYPO3, has folders/files like temp_*, *_CACHED_*, t3lib, typo3 I do not wish to sync every time.

My filter looks like this:

It worked every time, for a few months actually and now, all of the sudden it ignores folders like t3lib and even if I allow it to sync, which asks for a lot of files to be put "to the right", it doesn't do so.

In effect, syncing is not working anymore.

Please advise what I could do to fix this....


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since nobody answered decided to delete the project folder and clone the project again.

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Do you sync with Sync With... action? There is a button in sync dialog, the most right one in toolwindow. It is pressed by default, which means "Hide all excluded files". When it's unpressed, they are shown. Please check that button.


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