Find the current repo version number

Sometimes I need to know what current revision number is in the respository. With other svn clients, I am used to doing an update as that displays the rev number. However, in PS, you get a quick message showing the version which is quickly replaced with "All files are up-to-date …." which defeats this function.

Is there another way to get the revision number?

Can this issue be fixed where the up-to-date message does not overwrite the valuable information of the previous message?

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If you open the "Changes" window (ALT-9 by default), you can see the repository history with commits done by everyone under the "Repository" tab, including the revision number.


If you don't see any data there, use the refresh button in the top left of the pane to get a list of recent revisions (you can set the desired amount).

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Thank you, that does the trick!

I have also seen something somewhere like a tutorial about the Local History feature. At first I thought "that must be for people without a real versioning system" and that it was something without much purpose for me (I use Subversion). But then I saw some tutorial I think probably at which gaves me some ideas of how this could come in quite handy. I need to spend some more time with Local History.

Any other good tutorials that you know of?


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