WAMP Xdebug PHP Web Application Browser Won't Open


I have WAMP and Xdebug working fine with PHPstorm. I have an annoying issue though that the web browser does not open while debugging. The console php output works fine.

I followed a thread here and made sure that Run > Edit Configuration I have the PHP Web Application setup to use localhost. I made sure that no other defaults were set. See image of the settings. I can open in browser the php files too from the PHP storm right click menu and they open ok:

2-25-2013 2-12-15 PM.png


Hi Kevin,

So .. what do you press/click exactly when you want to have "web browser does not open while debugging"? Can you please illustrate wih screenshot(s)? Sorry for asking for screenshot, but I'm confused with what you are doing/trying to do.


I press the Debug button. It debugs the file fine and stops at the breakpoint I put, but I want the web browser to open and see the output on the browser up to that point too


Can I see a SCREENSHOT of that button (and area arround it -- especially dropdown box on the lft) just before you about to click it, please?

The reason is -- as far as I understand from your description, most likely you are doing it a bit wrong. I do not want to sit here and guess what may be wrong -- screenshot may tell this straight away.


Thank you.

Yes -- you are doing it a bit wrong.

Right now you are executing/debugging the configuration that is active in that drop-down box, which is an entry of "PHP Script" type.

"Run" and "Debug" buttons do not apply to currently active (in Editor) file -- they applied to the active configuration (in that drop-down box). You need to actually create one manually (Run | Edit Configurations -- use PLUS button to create one), not just set defaults .. then choose it in that drop-down box and only then you can use "Run" or "Debug" buttons.


Alternatively -- do not use any Run/Debug configurations -- initiate everything from the browser itself.

Have a look at this acrticle/manual -- works just fine (my preferred way): http://confluence.jetbrains.com/display/PhpStorm/Zero-configuration+Web+Application+Debugging+with+Xdebug+and+PhpStorm


thanks I was following a lynda.com debugging tutorial :) now it works and thanks for diagnosing. Also remote debug does seem better so as not to have to set the url everytime


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