Horrible Performance with IdeaVim on OSX

Hello, I am trialing WebStorm and would really like to buy it if the performance problem I'm having with IdeaVim is solved. I'm running the latest WebStorm and IdeaVim on OSX 10.7. When I turn on IdeaVim, performance of the entire IDE becomes sluggish. When I have a project with a few files it takes seconds to open the file. When I'm modifying settings it's really slow. In my "About WebStorm" tab the Java version is 1.6.

I updated my system's version to 1.7, removed all WebStorm settings, and installed WebStorm. WebStorm is defaulting to 1.6.

Anyone know a solution to fix the performance issues?


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Looks like http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/VIM-456
Could you please specify your IDE build and IdeaVim plugin version in a new comment to this ticket?


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