PHPStorm chowing memory

I'm running a single project in PHPStorm on OSX - there's a fair amount of files as I have two other branches of my code in the project as well as the one I mostly work on. The file size of the 18,600 files in my project directory is 778 MB. I'm finding that PHPStorm gradually eats up more and more of my RAM, so I have to restart it at least once a day. On restart the memory consumption starts at about 200MB but steadily climbs up to about 360 and seems to stablise there. Something must be causing it to creep up more slowly through the day. Before restart my activity monitor was telling me it was using 915 MB, and PHPStorm status bar was reporting that it was using 140 MB of 791 MB.

Is there any setting I can use to keep the memory usage down, or any measures anybody can recommend? I guess you're going to say I should reduce the number of files in my project folder?


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