installation of zend 2.0 framework on mac

i've downloaded and installed zend 2.0 CE that is the framework + MAMP on my MAC. How can i configure phpstorm to this fraework? I've tryied by command line and adding zend framework and selecting file but i get this error Failed to load commands: Cannot run program "/Users/XXXXXXX//ZendFramework/bin/": error=13, Permission denied



Usually "error=13, Permission denied" means you don't have permission to run this file. Please try to fix it with chmod command. Also please make sure what zend framework version you use, as Zend Framework 2.x has no command line tool. Hope this helps you.

Best regards,
Elena Shaverdova


ok so if zend 2.0 has not the command tool how can i use it on phpstorm, sorry im very new on this and i need to start asap to discover this product and understand if i need to buy it.
Thank you


Base php support is quite enough to work with Zend Framework project. What problems do you experience?


I'm also trying to configure a (local) ZF2 Skeleton application project but on Windows (7). The problem I'm experiencing is nothing appears in the structure view for PHP files, when it's correct for JS ones. I am newby to PHPstorm and I don't understand whether it's a misconfiguration or a lack of some support component. ZF2 skeleton hompage loads normally in my browser. And I got a local test Drupal sibling projet where the structure view appears normally for PHP files. I've marked the Zend library folder, the public (web root) folder as well as other first level folders as "ressource folders" but that doesn't do the trick.


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