PhpStorm 6 EAP release

I can see that PhpStorm 6 EAP is already available, and I'm still using 5.0.4 (and still part to the upgrade program).

I'd have a basic question:

  • is it safe to use the EAP version now,
  • or is "EAP" to be considered as a kind of "Beta" and as a precaution I'd better wait for the public release?

Furthermore, is there a page that enhances the merits / specific features of the v6?

Thank you.

EAP is kind of beta but you can try it safely.
You needn't remove v.5 from your machine to install EAP build. During the installation you will be asked about importing your settings from version 5. After that the settings will be stored in the separate folder for each IDE version.
One small caution is to backup the .idea folders of your projects. You can use this folders later if you'd like to return to version 5.

We describe all features and bug-fixes for every build in our blog. You can find the overview of all features planned for v.6 on PhpStorm Development Roadmap page.

Dowload EAP build



as a user, i can confirm that the EAP's quality normally is very good. Only once (during Vers. 5 EAP) i had to go back to the stable version. All other EAP's work very good for me.



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