Live Edit chrome canary and browser setting

Does the  chrome extension change of name and version ?

JetBrains Chrome Extension 0.3.11  ---> jetBrain IDE support  0.5.3 7/02/2013

How phpstorm behave when we install many firefox and chrome version ?
  because some extension are compatible only to specific browser version
  phpstorm don't find that chromium canary is locate at C:\Users\namelogin\AppData\Local\Chromium\User Data
  it seem it only see one browser  of each "type"  IE Firefox safari

Does live edit work for CMS ?

Thank's for any help

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Yes, renamed to "JetBrains IDE Support". Now we distribute it via chrome web store. This extension doesn't support 5.0.4, but doesn't conflict with 5.0.4 bundled old chome extensions (can be installed in parallel).

"Does live edit work for CMS ?" — What do you mean?

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in CMS the page we use edit in phpstorm can be only a container around dynamic php code .
the question could be how mapping work  ? I have not the time today but i could test if i undestand how to configure mapping

-a some content in joomla is create by php function or  specific "html" joomla element tag syntax that call php function define in a php file
-b so not all the content of php is rendering for output html only some function depend of logic ( value of variables )

i try to write the differents call of structure / content  from the main default php call  index.php
open your browser to max width to better understand what i write next

<1 module.php modchrome_xhtml()>============<jdoc:include type="modules" name="left" tyle="xhtml">
     <2 com_content\article\default.php>--------------------- 'add html structure  around <?php echo (see next inner line)
         <3 archive article list /> =================<?php echo $this->article->text; ?> ' show the content/text  of article
     </2 com_content\article\>-----------------------'add for close 2 htmltag   
</1 module.php modchrome_xhtml()>--------------------------'add for close 1 htmltag   

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In this case we don't try to be clever. All corresponding (i.e. not all opened tabs) pages in browser will be reloaded (we don't try to hotswap, just reload).


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