Is there a phpdoc tag for telling PhpStorm explicitly a class implements an interface?

I'm writing a "semi-mixin system" for PHP 5.3 (traits are not available). The way this is typically done is by using the magic __call method. I was looking for a way to tell PhpStorm my class implements an interface/other class. I noticed code completion suggest an "@is" doc tag, but is doesn't seem to do anything.

I tried to use it something like this:


*  @is MixinA
*  @is MixinB

class MyClass {

     private $a;
     private $b;

     public function __construct() {
          $this->a = new MixinA();
          $this->b = new MixinB();

     public function __call($name, $args) {
          $callObject = null;

          if (is_callable($this->a, $name)) {
               $callObject = $this->a;
          } elseif (is_callable($this->b, $name)) {
               $callObject = $this->b;

          if ($callObject !== null) {
               call_user_func (array($callObject, $name), $args);


class MixinA {
     public function methodA() { ... }
     public function methodB() { ... }

class MixinB {
     public function methodC() { ... };
     public function methodD() { ... };

$object = new MyClass();


Is there a phpdoc tag to do this, and how do I use it? I know I can use @method and @property, but that's too cumbersome since there a lot of methods.

Thanks in advance.
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Hi Wouter,

Unfortunately there is no such tag at all .. and currently no other way except already mentioned @method and @property.

Here is the ticket that asks for such support/implementation in PhpStorm (be it PhpStorm-only supported tag or whatever):


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