Member has private access

I am using the latest EAP (126.162) of phpstorm and (about 2 EAPs back) an irritating issue has cropped up where every access of a private member from with that class is flagged with the "Member has private access" error.

class MyClass {
     public function myPublicFunction() {
          $this->myPrivateFunction();      //This will be flagged as an error with "Member has private access"

     private function myPrivateFunction() {
          //Do stuff

This is perfectly valid access to a private member and shouldnt be flagged as anything.  I try to hit alt enter to see options but there is no effect. There doesnt appear to be any way to turn this inspection off.  Every other inspection can be turned off, why can I not turn this one off?  Is this a known bug?  Is there a way to turn off the inspection that I have missed?

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