PhpStorm says: "Deployed file on 'host' is changed" But it's not!

On seemlingly random files in my project, the ide has a yellow warning at the top of the file that says either:

"Deployed file on 'host' is changed."

"File needs to be synchronized with deployed on 'host': base revision is not stored yet."

but when i diff the files, they are the same (as I expected them to be).

My setup:  on my mac, I have a directory that contains the project files and it is under git.  The remote repository is set up using sftp.  I never touch any files on the remote server at all and just let phpstorm keep everything synched (i.e. downloading a file from the mac to the remote which all works.

When I click "Merge" on the right hand side of the yellow warning the storm puts up a three panel merge tool where the right and left will have a change that is the same in both but missing from the middle pane (or all three might be the same).

Why is this happening?  And how can I make it stop.  Attached are relevent screen grabs....

Screen Shot 2012-04-16 at 10.25.29 AM.png

Screen Shot 2012-04-16 at 10.22.21 AM.png
Screen Shot 2012-04-16 at 10.22.59 AM.png
Screen Shot 2012-04-16 at 10.38.16 AM.png


The most likely issue is time-date changes.

IE if you check a file in to git at 7:00pm and then it is checked out on the server at 7:01 pm, then PHPStorm will show the file as changed.


I am having the same issue, on 5.0.4 as well as the 6 EAP.  It has nothing to do with git, the dialog will pop up as I'm typing, if I have "Upload changed files to the default server" set to "Always".  Even if I select "overwrite" it pops up the next line.

Date/time is the same on my client and the server.

The merge is the dumbest part, it seems to want to revert to the previous version even though remote and local are identical.


Thank you for such a detailed report. PhpStorm certainly has a problem with merging files that are just equal. It's going to be fixed by release of PhpStorm 6, see progress in your issue.


I replied to the issue in the tracker, but this is still a problem in the latest EAP released today.  Look at the attachment for the kind of confusing merge results I am constantly getting.

Usually I praise PHPstorm and it speeds up my developing dramatically, but lately I've been cursing and avoiding it because of this issue...

Screenshot 2013-02-06.png

That issue is not fixed yet. As you use autoupload, maybe you can just turn off those notifications (Tools | Deployment | Options | Notify about remote changes). If Warn when uploading over newer file is still enabled, in case of remote changes you'll be notified.


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