WebStorm console creating links to source from tracer output


I'm using tracer (https://github.com/baryon/tracer) for logging to console.
its output include the line of code where the trace happens and makes
things a lot easier (including Object/Method names) to debug. After some
configuration my output in console looks like this:

/Users/zero/src/bookmarkd-mvp/server.js:62 00:37:55 info 00:37:55 HTTP    :: Express server listening on port 3000

Can I make console detect the source paths (part in bold) so that it links to it?

in short: I want the same behaviour when doing console.trace('whatever') just
with a different node module instead of default console.


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Hi Patrick,

Thanks for the feedback.
No, for now it's impossible.
Please vote for the http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/WEB-6523 .
WebStorm 6 will contain the fix.


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