Generic task-server


I am trying to integrate (task-tracker) with PhpStorm by using the generic task-server. I do receive data, but something doesn't seem quite right.
The current regexp I'm using is: ({id}.+?number)({summary}.+?title).

The response gets split into tasks, but all the fields and values are surrounded in quotes. The regexp seems to be splitting the task-string in half.

Example response can be found here.


Henning, as Dmitry Avdeev said in a comment to IDEA-92063, we face a new issue about JSON parsing format. Could you please file a new feature request? Don't you mind if we continue discussion in the tracker?
Thank you in advance!


The issue at hand still seems a bit foggy to me, but I posted a new issue here: I added all relevant links in the description. Hopefully that will be enough for however is assigned the task! :)


Henning, thanks a lot for creating requests!


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