code sniffer and public methods in classes


I tested the code sniffer in PhpStorm.
The sniffer can find unused private methods in classes.

I work with Zend Framework 1.12.

If the sniffer public methods in the model are not
be called in the controller classes?

Sniffer can find models that are not called by the controllers?

Sorry for my bad english.

Sincerely yours


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Stephan, PhpStorm only provides an integration with PHP CodeSniffer, and phpcs makes a validation of code standards. See
The inspection "unused private method" is detected by PhpStorm itself (without using phpcs).
To configure Inspection Settings, provided by IDE, go to Settings | Inspections or just use the search field in Settings.
Feel free to vote for the issue WI-1063 "Add Zend Framework support" and add in an comment to the ticket what Zend framework specific inspections you need.


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