Basic debugging with WebStorm

I have a basic node.js application that I am developming with WebStorm. I am getting an exception in the Jade file:

> 19|             each item in products
    20|                 tr
    21|                     td
    22|                         a(href='/product/details/#{item.SKU}') #{item.SKU}

Cannot read property 'length' of undefined

So I would like to set a break point here and see if it will give me more information. I am follwed the instructions for a debug configuration up untill I get to the step where I specify the 'Name'. In my version I am prompted for HTML. I am not sure what HTML I am supposed to put there, Hints?

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Hi Kevin,

please, try using 'Node.js' or 'Node.js Remote Debug' run configurations instead of 'JavaScript Debug'

Best regards,

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That is the HTML that I should enter?

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Sorry, don't understand. Node.js run configuration doesn't require entering any HTML


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