PhpStorm 4 code auto completion

I have a controller in CakePHP 2.2 application.
I use PhpStorm 4.0.1 as IDE.

In MyController.php file I declare this:

     * @property MyUtilComponent $MyUtil

1. Inside my controller, when I write `$this->` I can select "MyUtilComponent" from drop down list.
2. But when I write `$this->MyUtilComponent->` no function name option comes to select.

3. When I write $this->MyUtil->addThis(); and then click to addThis word and "Go to declaration", then PhpStorm goes to method's declaration successfully.

What should I do more to get function names autocompletion ?

Note: The behaviour is same for the core components.

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I think it was fixed in v5...

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Aren't there any patches for this? Or must I upgrade to v5?
Thank you

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You have to try if it was fixed first ... I think it was.

You can try v6 EAP :

  • you can run it alongside with your current version (IDE settings are stored in separate folders, just backup project settings (.idea subfolder) so you can still work with it in older version later).
  • each EAP build comes with it's own license for 30-days, you can use it even if your current subscription is expired.

Regarding v4 -- latest version is 4.0.3 (while you stated you have 4.0.1) --


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