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I have a major problems with SVN support in phpstorm.
I've checkouted my project from SVN and all was fine. Unfortunately all but the most basic things are not working. (Merging, switch project and so on). The reason that I don't have access to the SVN root and Select Repository dialog tries to access it.

Why select dialog tries to read repository root instead of URL I've provided during check out ? It's so silly sitiation - I can commit and update... Other functions are available only through command line client.


Any suggestions how can I work around?

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Hello Vasia, I understood the problem and created an issue to take it into account: http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-100308

Workaround: just type correct URL info the field as text, not using path selection dialog

Also, in general, you might need to navigate not only below your checkout root: if you want to select branch, it is outside checkout root
So IDE behaviour should be somewhat wiser than just showing repository below checkout root


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