Remove "Can't start GIT" notifications ( PhpStorm)


I am using a virtual machine for my development (that has GIT+apache+php installed and properly configured). PhpStorm discovered that GIT is involved, and now it's constantly asking me for the path to the GIT executable, which I can't provide.

I have other notifications that I want to see, and these are clotting the event log, so how can I remove these notifications without satisfying PhpStorms relentless quest for GIT executable?

Thank you,


Hi Vlad,

So do you use Git in your project? Do you want to use Git integration in PhpStorm? If yes, then you should set up a correct path to Git executable.


Thanks for the reply.

I use GIT, but it's installed on the virtual machine, and I can't access it from PhpStorm. Not using a virtual machine is not an option, since I work on more than 1 project with completely different configurations.

So I don't want to use GIT integration, I just want to completely disable these message.


In this case you can disable the Git plugin in Settings | Plugins.


Thank you, this is exactly what I was looking for, but completely forgot I had this option


Your answer also helped me.thanks~


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