Live Edit - Site needs GET or POST parameters


i use Live Edit (i like live edit very much!!!!)

But sometimes I have a Site, that needs Parameters (example: site should show the adress form a person. personID is send via $_POST)

Then Chrom always makes an alert like "New Formulardata - GoOn or Abord"


How can i supress that message?


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Anybody else who has this

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Hi Jorg,

AFAIK you cannot suppress this browser-generated warning box. It's all because the page was requested via POST method, which usually means that such extra POST data (which is hidden from the user eyes) was specific to that dynamic request only (e.g. create new record, delete existing one etc), hence the confirmation -- to prevent accidental execution of such actions. It's standard browser behaviour when you try to refresh any POST requested page.

The best solution here (generally speaking) -- request the same page with GET method (where all possible parameters are visible as they are part of query string) manually. If such direct replacement (POST -> GET) is not possible straight away, then it is still a very good idea to change your app logic to make it possible -- it's very handy and recommended way of doing things anyway.

For example, consider you having the shopping basket page on your site. When customer updates the basket, it typically will be done via POST method (to hide all the fields from user eye -- it's useless for another customer anyway + looks cleaner etc). Instead of displaying new updated basket page straight away, the good approach would be to redirect to the same basket page via GET method which will display the actual page (user pressed "Update basket" button -> POST method -> basket recalculated, saved to session -> redirect to basket page via GET method (via 302 response) -> show basket page (data taken from session)). With such approach user ca hit F5 (Refresh) page and see the same page again without those scary and unfriendly to average internet user message.


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