WebStorm 5.0.4 Is it possible to set the code editor min width in case everything wraps ? How to report Ecmascript 5 function usage as errors?

Same as topic:

1) Is it possible to set the code editor min width in case everything wraps ? I've set everything I want to wrap and it's ok but I can scroll a little to the right cause there is some min width set. Can it be custom set at all ?

2) When I set my Javascript to version 1.5, for example Object.create() doesn't show in the autocomplete, but if I still write it, I have hinting for what parameters it uses and If I create an object with it, it doesn't report this as a mistake. Shouldn't it? Is there a way to make it report it as a mistake ?

Anyone? Thanks!

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1) Could you please attach a screenshot?

2) May I ask you to submit a bug report at http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/WEB? This way you could easily track the progress and will be notified in the first place when we fix it.


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Hi I attached the file for 1) See how big is my screen and how I can't move the white margin at the middle where my long lines of code wrap. Same thing applies when my window is smaller than that margin, then I have to scroll horizonally to see the remaining code, even if it wraps.

Best will be if I could set it's minimum width and when larger than that to just match the window size.

So is there a way to set this margin ?

2) I will report the bug now.

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Hi Filip,

Settings | Code Style | General --> Right Margin (columns)

There is no dynamic settings for this -- all code styles either require specific (max) line length .. or none at all.

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Thanks! I was aware of that option but I tried setting it to 0 and when nothing happened I thought that it was not it. Now I understand what columns mean :)


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