Start batch script after auto-save

I would like to execute a maven build script after each (auto)-save with a command like mvn -Dapache.

How should i do this? Aptana/ eclipse has a feature called 'Build automatically' which is highly configurable, but i haven't found something like this in phpstorm yet.

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Hi there,

PhpStorm has no such ability (to execute something when file gets saved).

You can try recording a macro to 1) save file and 2) execute your custom command .. and then assign it some shortcut and use it instead of saving (obviously, if file gets saved automatically, this macro is not getting involved).

Other than that --  look for some external file watcher that can execute specific actions on file modification.

This is the ticket that asks for kind of similar functionality: IDEA-85791

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Thanks Andriy,

Will try your suggestions.

Will this be implemented in the future?

This would be possible in Intellij IDEA i suppose?

Also been looking at jrebel but i can't seem to get it installed.

Rgds, DJ

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Vote/Comment that ticket .. and you will be notified when status changes (e.g. when feature gets implemented)

And Yes -- it will be available in all IDEA-based products.


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