Debug over HTTPS

It that possible to use the debugger over HTTPS connection?
I tried almost everything, but the connection url alway try to connect to HTTP://local.

My Configuration for the Debugger inside the PHPStorm is:
Host: https://mylocal.local
Port: 443
Debugger: XDebug

the configuration of the PHP Application is:

Start url: /home
The url that is showed is: http://https://wh.local:443/admin_home

I also tried to not put https:// on the Server Configuration but the connect URL was: http://wh.local:443/admin_home

Is there any solution to this problem?


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Hi there,

Check comments in this ticket:

Few possible solutions (that work for me):

  1. Use "PHP Web Application" type of Run/Debug Configuration -- it's possible to enter https:// there
  2. Do not initiate debug session from IDE -- just use that "red phone handle button" and initiate debug session from browser (via bookmarklet or some browser extension) -- just like described here (for example):
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In 2018.2 the "PHP Web Application" option isn't present anymore..

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>In 2018.2 the "PHP Web Application" option isn't present anymore..

It's called "PHP Web Page" now.

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I got this working, after adding host, port and Debugger type we just need to update start URL to https://www.example.local and it works.


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this is a nice product but they are not trying to reproduce these issues and its not commercially viable


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