Command Line Inspect

Well, I got this to work once before and now we want to try using it, but I cannot get it to work. Here is my command line and output:

C:\Windows\System32>"C:\Program Files (x86)\PHPStorm\bin\inspect.bat" "C:\inetpub\Intranet_Local\.idea\Intranet_Local.iml" "C:\inetpub\Intranet_Local\.idea\inspectionProfiles\Critical.xml" c:\result.xml -profileName Intranet -v2

[YourKit Java Profiler 11.0.4] Log file: C:\Users\keithdavis\.yjp\log\3700.log
Starting up JetBrains PhpStorm (PhpStorm) PS-124.373 ...done.
Opening project...Unable to open project

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Of course, as soon I as I post, I figure it out (or at least part of it):

"C:\Program Files (x86)\PHPStorm\bin\inspect.bat" "C:\inetpub\Intranet_Local" "C:\inetpub\Intranet_Local\.idea\inspectionProfiles\Critical.xml" c:\result.xml -profileName Intranet -v2

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Ok, so this is what I got to work:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\PHPStorm\bin\inspect.bat" "C:\inetpub\Intranet_Local" "C:\inetpub\Intranet_Local\.idea\inspectionProfiles\Critical.xml" c:\result.xml -v2

However, is there no way to specify Scope at the command line??


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