Compiling SASS, Live Edit w/XSL

New user here. I'm rather impressed with things so far. I've never successfully used an IDE before so I'm not 100% sure about the best way to accomplish a couple of my needs. I'll be using PHPStorm primarily for PHP, XSLT, SCSS, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

What is the best way to compile SASS/SCSS?
I found the following article which is the best solution I have found thus far.

Is it possible to get Live Edit to work with changes to an XSLT document?
The CMS I develope with uses XSLT for its templating language, so my documents are XSL not HTML in PHPStorm.

Those the two big questions I have right now. Thanks in advance for the direction!


Hi Mark,

Currently that is the best way to compile SASS/SCSS. But you need to know that every run of external tool creates new process. Also you need to save file to file system(Ctrl+S) manually so sass could notice changes.

We are working on better support of such usecases. To follow updates please start these issues and



Thanks Fedor. Is it possible to get Live Edit working with XSLT through a workaround?


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