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I am a single developer working on small projects (a couple of themes and small site) Right now I am not using version control and only backup my projects folder to a local backup drive. I have a Macbook and Windows PC so I would like to be able to get to the files from either platform over the web. I don't need to colloborate and probably won't for these simple projects. Git seems like major overkill. It seems like PHPStorm supports everything, so that doesn't appear to be an issue. What do you think would be a good simple system?
Thanks ahead for any responses.


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Actually a local git repo is the best and recommended solution.
Consider it just a safe persistent history, stored in a very compact and easilly copiable format.
And its easy to upgrade it to proper "cloud backup" later - just import that repo into free private bitbucket repository, or free public github repository.
That will give you an accessible free backup w/o need to maintain any server.


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